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Zandvoort is well known for its beach. A vast sandy beach of 9 kilometres long. And an average of 100 metres broad. Space enough to recreate. Sailing, surfing, and beachvolleyball. And relax! Because on the beach there are 41 beach pavillions. Here you can eat, drink and find shelter against the sea wind. Several beach pavilions are open all year round.

Besides the unique beach lifestyle, Zandvoort has a scale of possibilities such as bicycle riding, walking, horseback riding, playing golf, tennis, swimming and watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and (deap)seafishing.

Zandvoort is also well known for its circuit. Here, annually about 20 top events take place, among which the formula 3 races. But there is still much more to discover in and around the bathing resort. Such as several music events. The beach and the towncentre are regularly transformed into a dance floor.

In Zandvoort you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sniff up the fresh sea air and taste the culture. Visit the "Jutters mu-Zee-um" and the "Zandvoort museum". The "Jutters mu-Zee-um" regularly organises activities for the little ones. Just like the company "Strand actief". 
In the direct surroundings of Zandvoort there is also a lot to do. The bathing resort lies in a dune area of 47 square kilometres: the national park "Zuid-Kennemerland" and the "Waterleiding Duinen van Amsterdam". Here you can enjoy a lovely walk or bicycle ride. And if you are on the bicycle anyway: ride straight on to the historical Haarlem. This shopping city which is also full of culture is only 10 kilometres from Zandvoort.

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